How Do I Learn Internet Marketing?

One of the best ways to make money on line is by building an email address list. This gives you a ready made customer base that you can sell to over and over again. You do not have to have just one list you can have hundreds of lists all in different niches, which is how some of the biggest marketers have made millions of dollars and still continue to do so.

There are 3 ways you can learn the ropes

1 Go it Alone
The only problem with this is that you will without fail make mistakes and you will have to put in loads of hard work and expect not to see any money maybe for many months, sometimes years. Also you will have no real structure of what you are trying to learn and no guidance to turn to.

2 Be Mentored
You could try approaching one of the marketing Gurus to mentor you, but they get requests like that from many people every day so why should they waste their time doing it. If someone does offer to mentor you, it could end up costing you hundreds maybe thousands of dollars per month.

3 Academies
There are only probably 3 or 4 that are worth signing up for, but the benefits are that you will get a more structured teaching method and there will be some form of support for you. You will in some cases start making money within a few months. You will have to expect to pay between $40-$70 per month to join, but knowing what I now know this is the root I would have gone down.


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