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The Air Fantastic Filterless Air Purifier

The Air Fantastic filterless air purifier is perfect for the home or office. This best filterless air purifier is a set it and forget it system. There is no filter to change and no maintenance to worry about. On system will purify the air in your entire home so there is no need to go and get multiple units to place around your home.

This air purifier is wonderful for getting rid of dangerous surface bacteria such as MRSA. It clears dust and allergens by 99%. If you are worried about all the things that in the air that can cause you to have respiratory problems then this is the system for you. It will do all the air cleaning you need and you don’t have to do a thing.

This system has cleansing ions that occur naturally, such as Hydroperoxide (H2O2), the system will derive these ions from moisture & air. The system has proven to reduce harmful chemicals such as VOCs & formaldehyde from paint, building material, carpet, and formaldehyde. The system comes with all of this and it will remove those odors from your home or office that seem to linger. The system is environmentally Safe and Whisper Quiet so you don’t have to worry about it bothering anyone while it does its job.